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Packaging/Recycling Statement – October 2019

At Cooper Foods we are committed to reducing packaging wastage with regards to both packaging that we receive from our suppliers and packaging that we send out to our customers.

Current Commitments

In the last year alone we have recycled upwards of 45 tons of cardboard, polystyrene boxes and plastic bags that we have received from our suppliers. This equates to over 85% of the incoming packaging we receive.

As a company we are striving to reduce wastage in the packaging that we send out to our customers and are happy to confirm that the white lidded cardboard boxes that both the fresh meat and fish are delivered in and the white plastic trays used for meat products are recyclable. These can be disposed of at our customer’s premises.

We are unable to accept any packaging back from our customers after use as this would present us with potential food safety issues.

Future Aspirations

Moving forwards, our aim as a company is that all of the packaging products that we use in our processes, however small, will be 100% recyclable and we are committed to reducing unnecessary plastic packaging within our plant.