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Alongside the backdrop of rising costs and changing consumer habits, we know from our conversations with our customers that Garden Centres face additional challenges when it comes to business growth. However, challenges can also mean opportunity, so in this blog we will explore four areas unique to Garden Centres and how they can present opportunities for your business to thrive.

  • Seasonality: Garden centre cafes are naturally busier during the spring and summer months, which can make it challenging to maintain profitability throughout the year. However with the rise of the all-year round marketing calendar, there are opportunities to ensure a steady flow of customers even in the colder months. Calendar dates such as Halloween, Blue Monday (in January) and Valentine’s Day provide an opportunity to get creative and come up with promotions and incentives or for customers to visit
  • Dependence on footfall: Garden centre cafes rely heavily on customers visiting the garden centre itself, so any decline in footfall can have a significant impact on your business. Planning your promotional calendar across the year and looking at your footfall trends will allow you to plan for quieter periods and understand when a promotional event could be helpful.
  • Maintaining the garden centre experience: Cafes need to balance the need to be profitable with the need to maintain the overall experience of the garden centre, which should be relaxing and enjoyable. Whilst some customers will plan a visit for a specific reason, many customers often visit with a ‘day out’ mindset, especially in the winter months when there is the opportunity to spend some time inside the warm! Consider how you can make your garden centre experience as inviting as possible to ensure a longer duration of visit, which could include a meal or hot drinks at your cafe.
  • Ensure you have the right suppliers in place: At Cooper Foods, we understand the importance of delivering delicious dishes to your diners, while maintaining your margins and upholding uncompromising quality. With our dedication to providing top-of-the-range high-quality food products, quick delivery and unwavering support, we are here to help your garden centre thrive! Click here to find out more about how we serve Garden Centres across the South.

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